Data Recovery After A Fire, Is It Possible?

No one is safe from disaster, including for their computer equipment. A fire can have serious consequences for your hard drive, as the damage due to exposure to extremely high temperatures is often significant. You wonder how to recover your personal Data Recovery after a fire , because the loss of unsaved personal data would be tragic for you if they were unrecoverable.

Data recovery after a fire, is it possible? 

The hard disk is the essential element of your computer, because it stores all your files in a durable way. Temperature differences may affect it. The normal temperature of your hard disk is around 25 to 45C. If the model in your possession is less recent, it may go up to 50C. When the exposure to excessive heat is of short duration, the risks are lower assuming that it has not exceeded 150C.

However, too high a temperature of up to 300C for an extended period of time can cause serious problems: you run the risk of losing personal data. In particular after a fire, it is advisable to act promptly. In any case, do not try to fix the problem on your own, but rather call a technician from a hard drive data recovery center. Indeed, when the hard drive has been subjected to excessive heat, it becomes very delicate to handle. So put the odds on your side, by trusting an expert team, which will do its utmost to extract its content.

Here is the procedure to follow before contacting the data recovery center , if you want to avoid serious losses:

Data Recovery
  • disconnect your circuits immediately.
  • Do not open the hard disk under any circumstances, as you risk increasing the damage and damaging the files it contains. By manually opening your hard drive, you will contaminate it by depositing fingerprints. This operation must always be carried out with gloves. Moreover, the opening of the hard disk generates the deposit of fine particles of dust, which will have the effect of the fall of your reading heads, thus making the reading of your documents impossible. Scratches are also likely to appear on your hard drive as a result of manual handling.
  • do not reconnect your PC or laptop because you risk increasing the damage and thus hindering the recovery of your data. Indeed, by doing so, you risk damaging other components.
  • do not undertake any house cleaning of your hard disk after fire. Improper cleaning could compromise any chance of recovering your data.

Hard drive fire recovery procedure :

Act promptly after the disaster and quickly contact your data recovery center for professional support, because the longer you wait to solve this problem, the slimmer your chances of recovering your Twitter data will be. The center’s experts will take care of your hard drive in a clean room , which is necessary for the successful transfer of your files from it. A clean room is a completely sterile place in which the quality of the air, the particles in suspension and the presence of dust are constantly supervised in order to prevent any contamination of the hard disk.
Technicians will carefully open your hard drive using gloves.

When your PC or laptop has suffered physical damage such as electric shocks or various damage after fire, the extraction process becomes more delicate . In some cases, it may be necessary to replace certain hard drive components before transferring your fire-recoverable files. As soon as you notice the loss, also have the presence of mind to get in touch with your insurer, in order to obtain an assessment of the damage and possible financial compensation for your claim.