TV shows worth watching

The Vampire Diaries is a series that tells the story of a young and beautiful girl whose name is Helen.
Parents of Elena die in the terrible car accident. The girl stays only with her younger brother. She has not only to hide her pain, but also to fight with the drug addiction of her brother. Once, there appears a new young man in the school and it makes her life a little bit calmer. Stefan is a beautiful and smart guy, but he is not only a man, but also a vampire. It turns out that the native town of Helen is full of different vampire clans which are fighting for the power. Stefan has a brother who is completely opposite to him. These brothers are fighting among each other already for thousands years.

The Walking Dead

October 31, 2010 on US TV screens out a series of pilot project “The Walking Dead”, the success was simply stunning, immediately after the premiere, it was decided to shoot a minimum of four seasons project.walking dead
Police officer Rick Grimes in the main protagonist of Walking Dead season 7, bravely doing his duty in one of the larger towns not in Kentucky, when he joined the confrontation with a gang of criminals. Rick was severely wounded and lost consciousness for a long time. When he woke up in a hospital room, it turned out that in the hospital is empty, only the corridors are scattered piles of corpses, and the calls for help no one speaks.
Yielding mild panic Rick rushes to his house to catch a wife and son, but his family was gone. In the house of his neighbors, he met the first living human beings from the moment of awakening, they were Morgan Jones and his son Duane. They told Rick about everything that happened while he was asleep. By country swept terrible epidemic, those who survived were trying to evacuate, the family of Rick apparently has to be in Atlanta.
Having entered the city, Rick found the complete desolation, circle stood abandoned cars, people obviously in a panic left the city, and some time later he was attacked by a huge crowd of zombies, eager to get his body. Rick in a desperate battle lost his horse, but he was able to save his life hiding in an abandoned tank, suddenly come to him for help …

The Agents of Shield

The Shield season 1 is a TV show the events of which starts from David Aceveda who is appointed as a new captain.
The main priority of David is to remove detective Mackey out from the police. Mackey is the head of the special unit which is called the Strike Team. However, Aceveda supposes that not everything is so good with the situation. For instance, David supposes that Mackey is engaged in corruption. In order to find out whether it is truth or not he is going to have the double agent which will be the member of the Strike Team. Aceveda dreams about having a promotion and becoming a mayor. During one police operation a person whose name is Crowley is being killed by Mackey. There is also a serial killer whom it is necessary to catch.