Odyssey series review

“The Odyssey is an exciting adventure series based on the famous epic “”Odyssey”” of the legendary ancient Greek poet Homer.



The action of this series takes place in the distant XII century BC. During the whole decade fierce siege of Troy lasted, and, in the end, the undefeated city fell. The Greek kings were finally able to satisfy their ambitions, while revenging Paris and all the people around him for the offense. However, the main contribution to the victory over the Trojans made a cunning king Odysseus of Ithaca. Owing to him the Greek troops managed to get into the territory of the embattled city. Encouraged by the great victory, he imagines himself above the gods and, thus, dared to challenge them. At that moment Odysseus even could not imagine what consequences this will have. When it’s time to go home, he was sure that already soon he will be able to see his beloved wife and newborn son. However, Poseidon had other plans. That is why this God being offended by the Greek king behavior makes sure that the road to Ithaca runs over many years. Over time, he and his loyal soldiers had to go through many difficulties and trials.

Vikings season 4

Vikings season 4 is a drama that is concentrated around Ragnar who dreams of becoming the king of Vikings. He thinks that he is worth of being the governor and uniting all disparate tribes.ragnar

According to the old legend, Ragnar was the descendant of the fearless Odin who has been the god of war. Many heard that the Vikings have been excellent warriors who fought fearlessly made heavy blows with their weapon.

If you download season 4 of Vikings where it goes about the events that start after battle for Paris. What can be said, it took a lot to win this incredible battle. Ragnar returns to the Kattegat along with Bjorn. There he is awaited by the Queen Aslaug. Meanwhile, Lagertha is trying to get power that is owned for the moment by Kalf who has had a plan of taking the power already for a long time. There are also many other heroes which are engaged in this division of power. Except for that, there will also appear new enemies.

He was one of the strongest Vikings. There was nobody who could beat him. However, one time the luck has changed and several murderers managed to kill him.
Time passed and people started to make legends about him.  Once, he returns and gathers a new army to become the ruler again. (more…)