Сedar Сove season 1, 2, 3

“Cedar Cove is a story about a quite provincial town called Cedar Cove which lives a quiet measured life.

cedar cove
Olivia Lockhart lives here with her daughter and Justin works as a judge. By occupation, she needs to decide the fate of the inhabitants of the city. That is why she is an indisputable authority for the most of the inhabitants. She is quite often addressed by people not only when there are some legal problems, but also when there are difficult personal and family situations.

Olivia thinks that she needs to help anyone who asks for help. However, she cannot cope with her own problems.

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Olivia has problems with personal life as she is alone for a long time. The daughter, who is also lonely and tries to establish personal life, constantly gets into trouble. Even the mother of Olivia while trying to make a good deal appears under the persecution of the legislation. The friend who is now without a husband requires more attention and emotional support.

On top of all, some city residents have expressed dissatisfaction with the decisions taken by the judge Lockhart. Trying to help others, Olivia begins to realize that by supporting one side in the court, it is possible offend other people.

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