Vikings season 4

Vikings season 4 is a drama that is concentrated around Ragnar
who dreams of becoming the king of Vikings. He thinks that he is worth of being the governor and uniting all disparate tribes.ragnar

According to the old legend, Ragnar was the descendant of the fearless Odin who has been the god of war. Many heard that the Vikings have been excellent warriors who fought fearlessly made heavy blows with their weapon.

He was one of the strongest Vikings. There was nobody who could beat him. However, one time the luck has changed and several murderers managed to kill him.
Time passed and people started to make legends about him.  Once, he returns and gathers a new army to become the ruler again. (more…)

Сedar Сove season 1, 2, 3

“Cedar Cove is a story about a quite provincial town called Cedar Cove which lives a quiet measured life.

cedar cove
Olivia Lockhart lives here with her daughter and Justin works as a judge. By occupation, she needs to decide the fate of the inhabitants of the city. That is why she is an indisputable authority for the most of the inhabitants. She is quite often addressed by people not only when there are some legal problems, but also when there are difficult personal and family situations.

Olivia thinks that she needs to help anyone who asks for help. However, she cannot cope with her own problems.

cedar cove poster1

Olivia has problems with personal life as she is alone for a long time. The daughter, who is also lonely and tries to establish personal life, constantly gets into trouble. Even the mother of Olivia while trying to make a good deal appears under the persecution of the legislation. The friend who is now without a husband requires more attention and emotional support.

On top of all, some city residents have expressed dissatisfaction with the decisions taken by the judge Lockhart. Trying to help others, Olivia begins to realize that by supporting one side in the court, it is possible offend other people.

Angie Tribeca

Angie Tribeca download

Angie Tribeca is a comedy series in which it goes about the historical side showing the valiant work of law enforcement. It will speak about the harsh and not so everyday life of a detective working for more than ten years and named Angie Tribeca who serves in the elite unit of the Los Angeles police engaged in “particularly serious crimes”.

Angie Tribeca

While working in the team with the eccentric partner named Jay Hales under the guidance of strict and fair Lt. Chet Atkins, they are going to reveal a lot of mysterious crimes, one of which will be the capture of a mysterious blackmailer terrorizing innocent victims.

Getting into the most incredible and absurd situations, our heroes, sparing no time and energy, have to show maximum creativity and analytical skills often bordering on complete insanity and absolute lack of common sense so that the troublemakers could be brought to a fair trial, because serving the Los Angeles police one needs to be ready for anything.

Odyssey series review

“The Odyssey is an exciting adventure series based on the famous epic “”Odyssey”” of the legendary ancient Greek poet Homer.



The action of this series takes place in the distant XII century BC. During the whole decade fierce siege of Troy lasted, and, in the end, the undefeated city fell. The Greek kings were finally able to satisfy their ambitions, while revenging Paris and all the people around him for the offense. However, the main contribution to the victory over the Trojans made a cunning king Odysseus of Ithaca. Owing to him the Greek troops managed to get into the territory of the embattled city. Encouraged by the great victory, he imagines himself above the gods and, thus, dared to challenge them. At that moment Odysseus even could not imagine what consequences this will have. When it’s time to go home, he was sure that already soon he will be able to see his beloved wife and newborn son. However, Poseidon had other plans. That is why this God being offended by the Greek king behavior makes sure that the road to Ithaca runs over many years. Over time, he and his loyal soldiers had to go through many difficulties and trials.

Angel from Hell series

Angel from Hell is a story about Allison Fuller, a successful young woman who clearly knows what she needs from life. Having made an excellent career of dermatologist, she is not going to stop at the achieved, clearly planning her affairs for many days to come. It would seem that in such an ideal everyday life there is no place for random events, but soon the only one meeting will completely change her life.angel from hell download

Once Allison, while walking with her boyfriend on the market, accidentally meets the freak Amy, who, imagining herself to be a psychic and plays the slightly stunned girl. Since then Ellie begins more and more often to meet a mysterious stranger who with maniacal persistence pursuing our heroine, trying to hint to her that she’s doing it on purpose. After one more accidental meeting, Amy, in great detail describing the last moments of the past of Allie, defiantly tells her that she is her guardian angel.

Usually guardian angels invisibly protect their elected representatives, but after deep feelings related to the mother’s death, Allyson loses control of the habitual rhythm of life, because of what, in fact, Amy decides to intervene. Pointing out that her new boyfriend is not the one whom the girl needs for a happy life, she convinces Ellie that she wants nothing but good for her.